About Us


Sumatec's Corporate vision will be supported through implementing three themes

  • Safety, Efficiency and Innovation will be the three business drivers that Sumatec will implement
  • It is the branding that Sumatec will operate by and the investor message we take to the market
  • Management will follow these three strategies when making operational and financial decisions:
    • Is it Safe – does it meet our HSE standards
    • It will make the company more efficient and cost effective
    • The product, approach or method; proven or leading technology should increase our ROI.

Safety will not be compromised
when implementing or modifying standards and procedures
to improve efficiency

Corporate Strategy: Safety

  • Think Safe, Think Environment will be integral to our corporate culture
    • Social and Economical standards are met or exceeded.
  • Sumatec HSE standards will meet or exceed the regulations of the country we operate in.
  • Operate according to Sumatec Company Code of Conduct.
  • Corporate culture will focus on a high level of safety standards:
    • Target Zero: Zero fatalities, Non Lost Time Incidents and Severity standards.
  • Work Safe, Work Right Ethics – empower any employee to raise HSE issues and stop operations if an un-safe act is seen
  • Standardize and implement HAZOP procedures in all operations
    • Indentify Risks & Hazards in all field operations
    • Develop mitigation strategies and implement procedures

Corporate Strategy: Efficiency

  • Work according to the rules of the shop : respect, professionalism and accountability
  • Employees are empowered to do their job effectively with the tools and skill sets required to be effective
  • Work as a team to get results and reduce inefficiencies
  • Implement proven technology that improves efficiency
  • Safety will not be compromised when implementing or modifying standards and procedures to improve efficiency
  • Aim to be in the Top Quartile in operational efficiency for drilling / completions compared to our Peers

Corporate Strategy: Innovation

  • Implementing the Digital Oilfield Concept is an integral part of our corporate culture and economic success
  • Use technology that improves safety and efficiency
  • Constantly strive to implement new and proven technology to increase production as an early adopter
  • Collaborate with third parties that will bring innovative processes to increase efficiency
  • Increase proven reserves and production rates through innovation
  • Empower employees to adopt an innovative culture in daily work without compromising safety